Desirous Needs | Poem

Tonight, break arrangements,

I demand you naked,

I’m hurt and ragging in pain,

Cross your knees on the submit ground,

Stay proud of yourself with me,

Relieve me of these pains,

Let me share my pain!

Deathra, I desire to bleed.

My fingers long for your skin,

I desire to feel the snaps sensations.

My heart longs for your moans,

I desire to put you on fire.

Bring those toys we liked,

Pack them for tonight’s holy sins,

I’m not leaving the pains,

Till you come and spread your arms,

Deathra, I desire to bleed,

Let me use my weapons,

Let me whip your skin,

Tonight, break arrangements,

Somebody left again to light.

Tonight, these sleepless screams,

Must reach your shallow heart,

Should pain your mind,

So you come to see me.

Deathra, I desire to bleed,

The world’s sick light.


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