Give A Day I Feel Safe | Poem

Mornings are tough beginnings;

After I spend hours to sleep at night,

Knowing it takes two fucking hours

To calm my nerves and dreadful feelings.

What I do more, Deathra;

You sitting on a throne, legless, hopeless,

Awaiting a miracle to walk among the worlds,

Knowing pain wouldn’t leave, and you scream endless.

Dammit! I, still, think of reaching the dark stars,

Claiming nothing would see the helpless morons,

I wonder what’s like to be in love; unreal thoughts here?

It’s unreal desires I fear will come true;

The blood of sickness I own screams

The hastiest words ever known; stigmatic mind,

That’s life now, my dear; I wake up to a dream,

Sleep back to dreams; write about dreams;

And never act on my dreams; Come now, will you?

I made another quarrel on grounds of unchecked feelings,

I wonder what she thinks of me; weird, senseless, shitty man,

I am being the worst in last past years; locked in four walls,

Knowing freedom is not in the world, but within, Deathra.


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