Can’t Speak Ramble | Poem

I wonder what dead people talk,

Do they talk on politics, relationships, and pain?

Do they discuss life, miseries, and death?

Do they watch people and make fun of them?

I wander in times of lostness, not past,

Serving, syncing nothingness of life,

Stealing little moments to ease pain,

I wouldn’t know when things vomit again.

I wonder what dead people talk,

Do they relieve the pain of dying souls?

Do they speak about me when I visited?

Do they know their voices blood my mind?

I’m not angry, happy, or sad; not one,

Feelings come; stays and leaves; like a guest,

I wonder, whoever you are,

You stay of pity on my painful existence,

Don’t talk to dead as I; they speak of nothing.



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