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India is a developing country, and developments can either be positive or negative. In the last two decades, the so-called “entrepreneurship spirit” rose to challenge the boundaries of building a corporate empire.

As far as an individual is concerned, living standards do get better, but so many sacrifices made to see even the dark sides of corporates in India. Nobody is learning, but making holes in walls of earning and experiencing unbearable mental and physical stress.

What is happening in the country that each company is demanding individuals who are either the perfectionists or becoming one?

Corporates are trying to avoid the gap between learning and efficiency. This mindset is destroying the creative abilities of a person, and no one is thinking the about implications what we are leaving behind. Indeed, the joy of work is turning into slavery work.

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The internships which companies are offering either these are paid or unpaid and comes with mandatory experience letter or letter of recommendation. Are Indians becoming the next exporters in the world? Or, is people are not concerned about life anymore with dignity and acceptance?

Whatever the case may be, but conditions of newly graduated or school passed outs are what history books describe the term “Slavery.”

“If I am not working my family will throw me out. They don’t care. I am working for free or not. The point is I work to show everyone I am working. I don’t understand why people who can provide work exploiting me either emotionally or physically. I feel scared of opening my eyes in the morning.” An anonymous comment.


The scenario, when whatever about us will be written and read by our future generations, their reaction would not be different than ours of what we read in history about slavery.

The face of slaves have changed, and it wears facades of false hopes and works. Welcome to the times of Indians own self-destructive society.

The views in this article solely are the hypothetical thoughts that may or may not suit the reader’s mindset.


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