“I’m tired! I need to rest!” That’s what I say, even when I am aware that something is not right and do nothing about it. I put on my earplugs and try to sleep for another day to survive. It is the life that scares my thinking now. I am damn good in creating fantasies that often come with the comfort I crave.

The question, what does being exhausted mean to you? I hate this question. If I get a chance, I will destroy the existence of such questions from life to lead something better. Now, enough about me.

Let’s talk about You! What makes you say to this question. Do you lie? Do you stay silent? Do you burst out in tears or anger? Are you sure there is even an answer to this when you are living and have no idea for what?

Take a moment of this moment and think about someone you must have asked this question. You would not remember the answer, but you feel what it means. Does it hurt to realize something intense and equally simple? Be forgetful of why you would ask this. Be mindful of what you need from this.

The feeling of being emotionally exhausted feels what you are feeling right now. The questions and answers. The never-ending worries and tiredness. You may be a mental disorder patient or a person who works to pay bills or the rich who owns lives, but not own. Emotional exhaustion spares no one, and it is intense for some people, who hide in the shadows.

The most common answers to this question are:

“I’m fine. I could not sleep last night.”

“I need a vacation in the coming week, man. Life is getting kinky on me.”

“I am out of love and care! Let’s sleep for like 20 hours.”

“I am exhausted! Damn! I can kill for a drink.”

“I work for 20 hours a day. I’m always tired. Let’s not talk more.”

Life is not fair is another cliché to hear every day. The new thing is life would not kill who does not stay alive for it.

Comment below your answer to this hellish question. Let’s see them!


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